quality_policyOur Quality Policy

We are the best equipped by the vast expertise of Prof.M. Daniel  and his team in taxonomy and phytochemistry and therefore, there is absolutely  no compromise on quality of the raw materials, processing techniques and finished products.

All our raw materials are extensively screened for their genuine botanical identity (using morphological, micro-morphological and pharmacognostic characters), concentration of active components (both secondary and primary metabolites) and richness of antioxidants. Extraction is done by the ‘state of the art’ extraction techniques with deionised water and/or with various organic solvents. Formulations are prepared by selecting herbs having the maximum activity (based on the pharmacological evidences against test processes and organisms) and proportioning them to cater all the processes involved in the disease. Biocatalysts (bioenhancers) are added to each product to get the maximum absorption in the body and target sites. In addition, antioxidants and rasayana drugs are added which will help the patient to recover fast and remain healthy.

The finished products also are screened for the amount of active principles in them. The shelf life of all the products is evaluated. The bottles are made of extra pure plastic and each bottle is having a child lock system and a pack of anhydrous silica gel within to absorb moisture entering in the bottle while opening.